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PPHU "Artplast" Sp. z o.o. was established in 2001. Since the very beginning, our company has been associated with Łomża. Between 2001 and 2008, its head office was based in Konarzyce, right next door to Łomża. On account of the company’s rapid growth, we chose to construct a professional manufacturing and trading plant tailored to our needs. In October 2008, the company moved to a newly-built production hall in Łomża.

The main profile of our business activity is production of PVC displays, doors and windows as well as aluminium doors, windows and curtain walls. Outside Łomża itself, a network of sales representatives distributing our products has been growing steadily in central and north-east Poland, as well as in Germany and Scandinavia.

Since our company foundation we have maintained high quality products and services; hence we have attracted a multitude of new customers through the recommendations given by our previous customers. The high quality of the products we manufacture is the result of our state-of-the-art technical resource base – the professional production facility and machinery, highly qualified technical and production personnel with a wealth of experience in the window-door industry, as well as top quality materials and raw materials used in the production process. The list of our key suppliers includes, among others: Veka, Blyweert, Dobroplast, Aluprof, Uniglass, Maco, Wala, VBH – all manufacturers with many years of experience which offer products characterised by a non-fluctuating high level of quality.

All activities undertaken by the "Artplast" team of employees are aimed at improving customer service and providing the highest possible quality of the products, services and technical assistance we offer.

Our continued development has been acknowledged by the monthly Forbes magazine, which included Artplast in the list of the „Forbes Diamonds 2010”

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